Monday, October 6, 2008

SHOES COLLECTION? Watch collection?

I am beginning to feel what joo tatt feel. love for shoes.. collecting shoes... its a crazy studpid waste money feeling la at first. but after getting my first pair of NIKES...i am thinking of my second one already that i plan to just get.. hahha...

Okie so this week, been a nice weeek... u know when u get a lot of new stuff it just makes ur heart skip a little...a little happy... but after a while.. i start to get sick of it and spend again..

we can never stop spending... money in money out....

Okie so here are some preview of the new NIKE shoes la.. hahaha... feast ur eyes on this joo tat... its a limited edition okie.... this nike is called NIKE FREE 5.0
LOL....but really it feels like u are not wearing anything... thats why i got it..

Got myself an IPOD TOUCH too. very cheap only 990.. i still got 2 new box for sale. interested? call me

also a new watch.. sigh... seiko LIMa... seiko 5.... the weight of it gives me the confidence. looks nice too